Architecture of the World 

Students began this world architecture project by working in small groups to research architectural styles from around the world.  Each group created a poster with important information about the style.  The posters were hung up around the room so that students could reference them as they worked on the individual part of the unit.

Using teacher provided handouts and the student made posters, each student created a unique building that unified several different art styles.  The buildings were drawn with ruler and pencil and later finished with thin permanent markers.

A variety of different watercolor techniques were discussed and students used this knowledge to create an interesting background for their building once it was cut out.

The results were impressive, cultural and historical!



Small groups of students used the rubric below when creating their architecture posters. 

10-Architecture Poster.doc 10-Architecture Poster.doc
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Their final individual project was graded using the following rubric. 

10-Architecture Rubric.doc 10-Architecture Rubric.doc
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Type : doc

A complete write up of the MYP Unit Plan can be found at the following link.
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