Chinese Opera Masks

Sixth graders created plaster masks in the style of Chinese Opera Masks.  They began by learning about Ancient Chinese folktales (related to their Social Studies curriculum)  and how these have evolved into the stories of the modern day Chinese Opera.  They looked at pictures of a variety of different Chinese masks and learned about the color symbolism that each mask has as it represents a character in the Opera.

After designing several of their own masks on paper, each student made a three-dimensional mask using plaster gauze.  They painted their masks to show color symbolism and in some cases symmetery, similar to the Chinese masks they had observed.

If more time had been available, we would have added a background or frame to the mask, but we ran out of school year!



The presentation below was used to introduce the students to the Chinese Opera and show them where we were getting our inspiration from.

Chinese Opera Masks.ppt Chinese Opera Masks.ppt
Size : 0.667 Kb
Type : ppt

The handout below was given to students to help them brainstorm ideas when designing their mask. 

Chinese Mask Examples.doc Chinese Mask Examples.doc
Size : 1.019 Kb
Type : doc

This preliminary rubric was used to grade the designs that students created on paper.

6-Chinese Mask Prelim Rubric.doc 6-Chinese Mask Prelim Rubric.doc
Size : 0.028 Kb
Type : doc

This final rubric was used throughout the mask making process for students to assess themselves and later for me to assess them. 

6-Chinese Masks Rubric.doc 6-Chinese Masks Rubric.doc
Size : 0.114 Kb
Type : doc


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