Clay Snowmen

One especially important skill that first graders need to learn is hand-eye coordination and the art room is a great place to get these skills.
This clay snowman project requires students to use their hands, clay tools, scissors, and paintbrushes.  Through the use of all these different types of tools, students are improving their basic eye-hand coordination.
The snowmen are created out of clay and then painted with glaze.  Details are added with wire and yarn.  Each student then creates a tree for their snowman to sit by.  The trees are a paper lunch bag, cut up, twisted, and dabbed with white paint to create a snow covered look.
I like to read a snowman related book to the class during this project.  One of my favorites is The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll and Jeni Bassett.



The assessment students filled out for this project is linked below.  The space at the bottom of the assessment was provided as an area for students to write a sentence describing their project using adjectives from the A to Z Art Wall. 

general self-assessment.doc general self-assessment.doc
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