Community Sculpture Project

For a school-wide art display, my 9th graders worked together to create a sculpture community.  Each student had to contribute in some way, whether that mean building a house, sculpting a tree or creating a soccer field.

We discussed what a community is and the importance of each individual member.  The final display looked great, but also showed their teamwork and solidarity, one of our school values!



Students were asked to answer the following questions in their MYP workbooks and were then graded on the thoroughness of their reflection.

Tell me what you think a community is.  Relate your ideas to our class/school/city or some other part of your real life.

Describe what you contributed to our community.  Tell me what materials you used and what skills you needed to use these materials.

Do you feel that your contribution to our community was successful?  How and why was what you created necessary for our project?

Check out the link below to see the MYP unit plan.
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