Cubism vs. Realism

9th grade students completed this project as the culmination of a unit on facial proportion.  Each student started their project by using what they had learned to draw a face using the correct proportions.  Then they had the choice of finishing the portrait as realistically as possible or adding a Cubist twist.

Students who chose realism used blending sticks and pencils to add a variety of values and shading to their portraits.

Students who chose realism were asked to color their portraits with either colored pencils, markers, or paint.  They were then asked to divide the portrait up and given the choice to cut it and glue it back together if they wished.

Final products were interesting and unique, showing the different personalities of the students while still showcasing their ability to draw a face in proportion.





Cubism.doc Cubism.doc
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Students used the rubric to the left while working on this project.


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