Digital Portfolios

Students in 9th and 10th grade used the Weebly program to create digital portfolios showcasing their artwork.  They were required to include at least three projects from the year, as well as paragraphs explaining and reflecting on the projects.  Although this was the first year implementing the digital portfolio projects, the plan is that students will be able to build onto them throughout their high school art career.

The websites are linked on the class website.

9th graders used the directions below.

Weebly Website Directions.doc Weebly Website Directions.doc
Size : 3867 Kb
Type : doc

10th graders used the directions below.

Weebly Website Directions 10.doc Weebly Website Directions 10.doc
Size : 4589 Kb
Type : doc

Students graded themselves with the MYP Rubric below.

Website Rubric.doc Website Rubric.doc
Size : 39.5 Kb
Type : doc
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