Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Seventh and eighth grade students created these nameplates as an interim project to work on independently.
In between major projects there are always a few kids who get ahead and need an activity to do while we wait for the rest to catch up.  One of the ideas I emphasize in my class is that we're done when we're done.  In-class projects are not due on a specific date, but rather when they are finished.  I feel that this leads to better quality work as students are not rushing, but obviously creates a large time gap depending on the individual students' work speeds.
This hieroglyphic project was an excellent independent lesson that students who were ahead could work on.  I introduced the idea of ancient writing and supplied the kids with a copy of the hieroglyphic alphabet.  I went over the guidelines I expected them to follow based on the rubric I had developed and showed them my example project.  Then I sent them off to work independently.  The freedom of the project brought out the best in them as they created incredibly unique nameplates based on the provided Egyptian information.
To the right you can find the rubric that students followed for this project.
8-Hieroglyphic Names Rubric.doc 8-Hieroglyphic Names Rubric.doc
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