Expressionist Paintings 

Seventh grade students took advantage of the beautiful spring flowers on campus during this Expressionist painting unit.  Prior to going outside to photograph flowers, we discussed composition and creating a focal point within a work of art.  Students kept these concepts in mind as they wandered through the school landscape to capture an interesting and balanced viewpoint.

Upon returning to the classroom, each student carefully observed their captured image as we worked together in stages to create a layered acrylic painting.  Students began by putting a base layer of hot pink paint on their canvas.  They then worked from light to dark, adding yellow, orange, red, and purple.  This technique helps the students focus on the different values within the image while also encouraging them to build layers of paint.  They added highlights to their flowers with white paint and used a natural black (red and green mixed together) to fill in the negative space on their canvas.

Students were very proud of their finished works!

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