Oswaldo Guayasamin Field Trip

The Capilla del Hombre is one of my favorite museums in Quito, Ecuador and also happens to be my favorite place to take students on a field trip.

Oswaldo Guayasamin is one of the most famous Ecuadorian artists of all time and the Capilla del Hombre is a collection of some of his most famous works.

My 9th grade students took a guided tour of the museum and then chose one piece of art to analyze further.  They did a quick sketch of the painting and then took notes so that they could complete an essay about the painting at home.  Expectations for the essay included using the elements and principles of art and describing how the painting made them feel.

The students were moved by Guaysamin's artwork and produced both excellent sketches and thoughtful reflections.





Click the link below to read the assignment that students completed at the museum.


Guayasamin assignment.doc Guayasamin assignment.doc
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