Keith Haring Posters

Students started this project off by learning about the artist Keith Haring, his life, his art, and his influence on pop culture.  They took what they had learned and combined it with a previous lesson on drawing moving people.  A few weeks before, we had talked about movement within an artwork and how to make the human body appear as if it is in the process of moving or about to move. 
The students combined all this knowledge together and created a poster that depicted people moving.  Rather than add lots of details, their assignment was to portray their moving people in the simplistic style that Keith Haring used.  Emphasis was placed on creating a sense of action, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing composition.
Once preliminary drawings were approved and final designs were laid out, students used acrylic paints to bring their poster to life.
Below, you will find the links to both the movement and the Keith Haring power point that the students started the project off with, as well as the rubric that they followed as they worked.
Movement.ppt Movement.ppt
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Haring.ppt Haring.ppt
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6-Haring Poster Rubric.doc 6-Haring Poster Rubric.doc
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