Lyrical Portraits

Students created these Lyrical Portraits using either their own face or the face of someone famous.  They used a picture of the person to recreate their image with words.  For the sake of feeling successful, students traced the image with pencil by taping it to a window in the classroom. 

After tracing the image, the began to go over the pencil lines with words.  I orginally suggested to students that they use lyrics from their favorite songs (which some did), but this quickly morphed into all types of ideas.  Some students used words describing the person while others drew soccer players and drew them with the team's anthem.

In the end the pencil lines were erased and an interesting background was added.  The results were a whole collection of various faces that drew the viewer closer to read the words they were created with.




Students used the rubric to the right while they completed their project.

8-Lyrics Drawing.doc 8-Lyrics Drawing.doc
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