Matisse Name Banners
My seventh grade students created these banners about themselves after learning about the artist Henri Matisse.
Matisse may have been a painter for the majority of his life, but after a bout with cancer, he evolved into a paper cut-out artist.  Students looked at his early works and his later works to see the progression into a more abstract version of artistic expression.
They brainstormed characteristics about themselves, things they like, and hopes they have for the future.  Using these ideas, they set out to create their very own paper cut out design with an all about me theme.
Finally, ideas like composition, overlapping, and craftsmanship were incorporated to create an eye pleasing final product.
Check out the power point students viewed before working on this project or the rubric they followed while working on it by clicking below.
Matisse.ppt Matisse.ppt
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Type : ppt
7-Matisse Rubric.doc 7-Matisse Rubric.doc
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