Ocean Mural

This ocean mural project is a modified version of the watercolor ocean project that I taught to fourth graders the previous year.  The second time around I opted to have the students work together to create a giant fourth grade mural instead of individual oceans.  Each student still learned about mixing the secondary and tertiary colors from the primaries.  They used these skills to paint various colored papers using watercolor paints.  After researching ocean creatures, each student created several large ocean animals, coral or seaweed.

The next step was a fun collaborative activity.  Students worked in small groups to mix shades of blue and paint giant pieces of paper that could act as the ocean.  They made the deeper parts of the ocean darker and the most shallow parts lighter.

Finally, I stapled the giant ocean to the bulletin board in the hallway and had the kids tape their ocean creatures onto the blue background.  The kids had a great time looking at the ocean and picking out the ocean creatures that their friends made.



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