EIS Oscar Night

Eighth grade students create movies in their Language Arts class at the middle school I work at.  As a culmination of the project, their teacher organizes Oscars Night, an awards ceremony for the movies.

Much of the eighth grade class attends Oscar night, even though not all the kids have the same teacher for Language Arts.  The event has become a way for students to gather on a Friday evening, support each other, and enjoy each other's company outside of school.

Both years that the event has been put on, I helped to decorate the school library for the ceremony.  The following pictures showcase some of the highlights of each year.




Each movie had its own star on the floor leading the way upstairs to the theater.


The banner also worked nicely as a background for pictures following the show.


At the entrance to the event the students and I created a walk of stars and a photo shoot area.

The black wall was utilized as a background for students (or teachers!) to stop and get their picture taken on their way to the theater upstairs.  Because there is no other big event for 8th graders at the school, these pictures became a keepsake item.


I created this movie-themed banner as a backdrop for the stage during the awards show.


The first year of the Oscars Night event, some of my eighth grade students created this poster as a backdrop for the stage area.

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