Pinch Pots
Students in Ceramics I begin the year with an introduction to clay and a chance to experiment with what they have learned.  Each student is required to show off their skills by creating a variety of small pieces using the pinching technique.  They work to add feet, handles, lids, texture, and piercing to their pieces as they demonstrate their understanding of the basic techniques necessary for future projects in the class.

These small exploratory works are the idea pieces to practice glazing on as a second part of the unit.  Each student will experiment with high and low fire glazes, underglazes, raised accent colors, and watercolor glazes.  This opportunity to experiment builds confidence in students before they tackle larger projects later in the year.

The beauty of the pinch pot unit in Ceramics I is the freedom it gives students as they get a feel for working in clay.  Due to the nature of the unit, students learn an immense amount of new information, but are able to remain low-stress in a risk-taking environment.
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