Pop Art Digital Posters

During a unit on Pop Art with 10th grade MYP students, I knew that I wanted to have them work in groups to investigate an individual Pop Artist.  My first thought was to have the students create a Power Point, but after a little online research, I found a website that allows students to create digital posters using the web.

Glogster (www.edu.glogster.com) is a fun interactive website.  I gave the students guidelines as to what their digital poster must have, allowed them time to research in the library and then reserved the computer lab so that they could work together to create their posters.  They had a great time choosing backgrounds, text boxes, and colored fonts, but also incorporated images, videos, music, animation and important information about their artist.

Everyone enjoyed presentation day as students used the ceiling mounted projector in my room to share their digital poster and their artist with the class.


Students used the guidelines and rubric linked to the right while working in their groups.

Pop Art Presentation Rubric.doc Pop Art Presentation Rubric.doc
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