Rainbow Fish

First graders created this project in relation to the Marcus Pfister book Rainbow Fish.  I began the lesson by reading the story aloud to the students, which led to a discussion of sharing and helping out each other. 
After reading the story, each student created their own version of rainbow fish using pencil and crayon.  They learned about the different characteristics of a fish including fins, tail, and scales.  When they finished drawing, the fish were painted with watercolors.  To top off the project each student chose one scale to add glitter to, thus creating their very own rainbow fish.



The assessment students filled out for this project was similar to the one linked to the right, but with fish faces instead of people faces.  The space at the bottom of the assessment was provided as an area for students to write a sentence describing their project using adjectives from the A to Z Art Wall. 

general self-assessment.doc general self-assessment.doc
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