There are many times when some students are completely finished with a project while other still need a few more class periods.  Skyscrapers were the perfect solution to this dilemna.  They allowed the students who were more advanced to work independently on the next project while waiting for everyone else to catch up, but best of all they could be finished at any point.  This made it so that students who began later were not behind, but just had shorter buildings.

Each student was given a five story building outline.  They began by designing from the roof down, drawing with pencil, coloring with colored pencils, and outlining with thin pens and markers.  if someone finished their five floors, they were given another piece of paper to extend the height of their building.

After a few class periods of everyone working on the skyscrapers, it was time to finish.  Each student cut off their building below their last finished floor, added a lobby, and glued everything to a background.  The finished product was an entire city of unique buildings.

The rubric to the right was used throughout the project for students to assess themselves.


6-Skyscraper.doc 6-Skyscraper.doc
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