Texturized Buildings

In this project, my students were able to incorporate some technical knowledge of architecture as well as some more creative texture ideas.
After viewing a power point of several different types of buildings around the world and discussing some basic architectural vocabulary, the students had the task of creating their own unique building.  I provided a pamphlet with pictures of real buildings to help inspire a variety of ideas.  As they drew a preliminary building, I emphasized the rubric guidelines that they needed to follow, encouraging them to go above and beyond, but never under the expectations.
Final drafts were started and textures were added to the different parts of the buildings, creating a unique and interesting type of fantasy architecture.
In order to incorporate color into the project, each student learned about watercolor techniques and created a wash of analogous colors as the background to their building.
Everything was glued together and pasted to a black frame that the students then related to their project by texturizing with white marker.
Check out these links to see the power point on world architecture that the students viewed, as well as the rubric they followed while working on their project.
Architecture.ppt Architecture.ppt
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Type : ppt
7-Texture Buildings.doc 7-Texture Buildings.doc
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