Warhol Self-Portraits

This project was introduced with an extensive power point presentation that included information on Pop Art, the artist Andy Warhol, and print-making.  Students especially enjoyed the video I was able to incorporate from the YouTube website.
After this basic introduction, we got down to work, creating our own Pop Art inspired self-portraits.  During a previous class I had taken a close-up photo of each individual student, allowing them one serious pose and one goofy one.  I printed copies of each photo and had them ready at our next class session.
Students then chose a photo and traced over the major areas with a pencil.  We were able to transfer their images onto a slab of easy-cut linoleum simply by flipping the photo over and coloring the back.
Next came the fun part!  I did a safety demonstration and gave guidelines on how to use linoleum cutting tools and x-acto knives in a safe way and then sent them to start carving.
Once everyone had completed their carving, we had a messy print-making day where the students had the opportunity to make lots and lots of copies of themselves.
Final displays were made by choosing the best six prints and placing them in a black frame.



The links below will take you to the power point presentation about Andy Warhol and Printmaking that the students viewed, as well as the rubric they followed throughout the project.
Warhol.ppt Warhol.ppt
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Type : ppt
8-Warhol Prints.doc 8-Warhol Prints.doc
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Type : doc


This image is of the linoleum block that one of the students carved. 
Her finished project is to the far right.
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