Watercolor Cityscapes

As a school wide theme, several grade levels worked on different types of cityscapes.  Fourth graders used black crayons and watercolor paints to create theirs.

We began with a lesson on perspective and drawing buildings to look like they are three-dimensional.  There was a lot of practice with rulers and math vocabulary like perpendicular and parallelogram.  This was a struggle for many students, but patience, a step by step demonstration on the board, and help from peers got everyone through it.

After students filled their page with overlapping buildings, they traced their whole project with black crayon.  The wax of the crayon resists the watercolors paints so the outlines could easily be seen after color was added to the project.  Students were allowed no white space on their final project, so windows, sky and sidewalk were also painted.

As a final activity with this project, we reviewed to various vocabulary terms that had been necessary to create the buildings and used these on the final assessment.



Students filled out the following assessment questions at the end of their project to demonstrate what vocabulary they had learned during the process of art-making. 

Watercolor CityScape Assessment.doc Watercolor CityScape Assessment.doc
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