Autobiography Maps

I have taught this unit to 7th,  8th and 9th graders.  It is especially great at the beginning of the year as a way to get to know the students better.  They began by brainstorming important things that have happened during their lives, items or activities that represent them currently, and goals that they have for the future.

Following a rubric, they incorporated 10 of the brainstormed items into their map, representing them with different land features or locations on the map.  After their symbolic representations were added they also designed unique compasses and added keys to explain their different land features.

Watercolor paints, crayons, and colored pencils were used to make the maps look colorful and labels were added with permanent markers.  The final products were both personal and beautiful representations of each individual student.


Students used the following handout to brainstorm before designing their map.

Autobiography Map.doc Autobiography Map.doc
Size : 0.037 Kb
Type : doc


8-Autobiography Map Rubric.doc 8-Autobiography Map Rubric.doc
Size : 0.113 Kb
Type : doc

The above rubric was used by 8th grade students to assess themselves throughout the map making process.

The rubric below was used by 9th grade students to assess themselves both during and after the map making process.

9-Symbolism Map Rubric.doc 9-Symbolism Map Rubric.doc
Size : 0.071 Kb
Type : doc







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