School Beautification Club

As an extra-curricular activity in Honduras, I ran a club based on the goal of school beautification.  We filled the school walls with murals!

Our cafeteria had dull blank walls, so with permission from the administration, we took it upon ourselves to spice them up a little!  My eighth graders designed these two food-oriented murals, transferred them to the walls on either side of the cafeteria, and painted them with acrylic paints.
A coat of lacquer from the maintenance staff finished them off and now our cafeteria is not so drab and dull.

We also tackled one of the seventh grade social studies classrooms.  Seventh graders learn about the geography of the world in their social studies class so what better way than to have a wall sized map of the world in the classroom!? 
Students transferred the map using an overhead projector and then color coded the countries by region based on how the social studies textbook divides the information up.
Mr. W enjoyed being able to put up various current events on their corresponding area of the map.

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